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DIAGRAM VIEWER- Measure with Pleasure

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Click here to download:
Download Diagram Viewer v2.0.1 for Windows 7 or 8

Click here to download:
Download Diagram Viewer for v2.0.1 for Debian GNU/Linux

If you are interested in development, look around here:
Diagram Viewer source code


Diagram Viewer is a free and open source software download from

Diagram Viewer is a free and open source software that makes the evaluation of graphs and diagrams as easy and precise as never before. Based on image morphing technology, the scanning errors can be corrected. By its convenient zoom feature you can explore your diagrams in full depth. Logarithmic scales are also available. You can use the Diagram Viewer to measure distances on photographs too.

Create and share easy-to-measure technical graphs in minutes

You can share your diagrams and graphs in our diagram collections. You can also search in lots of categories.

Diagram Viewer is a free software. Diagram Viewer is licensed under GPLv3.

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Please send us your feedback on Diagram Viewer. While we aren't able to answer every email received, we do read every one and appreciate you taking the time to write. Send comments to:

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Diagram Viewer Forum It is a great place to ask questions of other Diagram Viewer users

* - God created everything by number, weight and measure. (Isaac Newton)

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