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Color Gradients

Color gradients are a set of colors and interpolation functions. When a gradient is applied all colors in the source image are replaced by another color of the gradient. Two consequent colors of a gradient define a color interval. If the intensity of the source color is within this interval then the target color is interpolated between the start and end color of this interval based on the intensity of the source color.

Gradient file formats


Gradient model - version of the gradient rendering function within Effectbank

Objective - informative tag is always: Effectbank Color Gradient

Name - Name of the gradient as given by the author

Version - Version of the gradient as given by the author

Author - Name of the author eg, John Connor

License - License as chosen by the author

Color_Space - RGBAI Meaning of the letters:

  • R - red component in target image
  • G - green component in target image
  • B - blue component in target image
  • A - alpha value for blending intensity
  • I - intensity in the source image

Smoothness - a value between 0 and 100. 0 means linear interpolation between colors.

Gradient_Data: (format: RRGGBBAAII )

  • 000000FF00 - 0 intensity → black color
  • FFFFFFFFFF - 255 intensity → white color
  • Components are defined by 2-digit hexadecimal numbers 00-FF)


GIMP Gradient - first line of format

Name - Name of the gradient as given by the author

# - number of how many color segments the gradient is defined by

List of color segments - Every color segment is defined by a block of numbers:

  • 0.000000 0.147340 0.294679 - intensity of the start, middle and end of the segment
  • 0.010000 0.006057 0.005860 1.000000 - RGBA of the start color
  • 0.290196 0.176471 0.215686 1.000000 - RGBA of the end color
  • 0 0 - code of interpolating function and coloring type

GIMP gradients may be loaded into EB v. or higher

Load/Upload/Download color gradients

Gradients may be loaded in the Effects/Color maps/Open gradient menuitem

After loading the application of the gradient has two parameters:

  • Intesity: -100..100 - moves the gradient in intensity domain
  • Blur: yes/no - target image is blurred

Registered users may upload color gradient to the Effectbank galleries after logging in here.

You may download gradients created by others here.

You may suggest new features for the gradient tools and gradient format here.

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